Ah, the About Me page. The section where I write about how I came to be a Nobel Prized winning rocket scientist, an Oscar-winning actress, a world-gripping journalist, a composer whose pieces moves the audience to tears and thundering standing ovations. The actual truth of the matter is that I’m just an ordinary girl, living in Bath, UK, who picked up a book on using XHMTL and CSS and you are now looking at the end product.

So welcome to my very useless personal website! Still want to know a little bit more about me? Read on...

Much to my brilliant father’s dismay I didn’t inherit his natural ability to pick up analytic geometry and differential equations. As much as I appreciate the theories I assure you my eyes will glaze over at the first mention of vectors.

I strayed from the typical Asian norm and graduated with a degree in social sciences. An area that often does not generate the credibility it deserves from everyone, but an area I have a huge interest in nonetheless. I love spending my time stretching my creativity to the limits and if I had the proper means I would choose to spend all my time learning and perfecting photography, making jewellery, learning new languages, writing, playing the piano, and making stained glass and pottery/ceramics. I’m aware that I sound like a 70 year old trapped in a 20’s something year old body. Since those hobbies aren’t exactly high income earners I’ve resorted to making marketing and public relations, my other more “work-related” interests my main area of focus.

That’s all for now. Oh wait, one more thing. I eat. A lot.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that's kind of the same thing" -Author Unknown